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Trips on the river Vltava

We offer you both one-day trips and several day trips. You can enjoy many wonderful experiences and see one of the most beatiful landscapes in the south Bohemia. The river is divided into two parts. The upper flow concludes the dam Lipno. This trace begins in Lenora and you float thru the National park Český les up to Nová Pec. The most popular parts of the river begin only in Vyšší Brod and end in Boršov nad Vltavou, nearby České Budějovice.

Půjčovna lodí a raftů Titanic

  distance time price Kč    
  (km) (h) lod 2 lod 3 raft 6
Český Krumlov 1,5 0,5 500,- 500,- 700,-
Český Krumlov – Zlatá Koruna 17 4 700,- 700,- 1200,-
Český Krumlov – Boršov nad Vltavou 35 8 900,- 1350,- 1500,-
Zlatá Koruna – Boršov nad Vltavou 20 6 650,- 900,- 1500,-
Větřní – Český Krumlov 5 2 500,- 700,- 900,-
Rožmberk nad Vltavou – Český Krumlov 25 6 850,- 1250,- 1500,-
Vyšší Brod – Český Krumlov 33 8 900,- 1350,- 1600,-
Vyšší Brod – Rožmberk nad Vltavou 10 3 700,- 900,- 1500,-
Vyšší Brod – Branná 20 6 700,- 900,- 1600,-

E-mail: titanic@navodu.cz

We offer these services:

  • Consultation and selection of the most suitable trace for you
  • Parking of your car (as an extra cost)
  • Lending of complex waterman's equ­ipment (boat, raft, paddles, jackets, waterproof containers)
  • Possibility of providing of an accredited instructor (as an extra cost)
  • Transport of persons back to the place of the beginning

This all is included in the price!

Here you can see short specifications of interesting trips on this river:

Vyšší Brod – Rožmberk nad Vltavou

Length: 10 km/2 hours
Weirs: 3

Let's enjoy one of the nicest voyages in Europe. You can have a rest in the snack “U tří veverek“ distant cca 3 km from the start. You find the first weir after cca 800m on the left side. It's navigable when you have a raft but you should take the canoe over. Under the weir are small ripples which slowly merge into fluent flow. The next weir comes after 2,5 km in Herbertov. We recommend to pass it thru the chute on the right side. The last weir is in Rožmberk nad Vltavou, the chute is on the right side. After a short voyage you can see a beautiful panorama with the towering castle Rožmberk nad Vltavou. This trace is so various, that it's suitable not only for advanced but for absolute beginners too. And if you have more time you can end the trip with the visiting of the castle.

Vyšší Brod – Branná

Length: 20 km/5 hours
Weirs: 3

Vyšší Brod – Rožmberk nad Vltavou – vide supra

If sights aren't your game, you can continue up to Branná. There is no other weir from Rožmberk nad Vltavou.

Český Krumlov – Zlatá Koruna

Length:17 km/5 hours
Weirs: 5

This is the next one interesting trace. After the start in Nové Spolí you will pass four weirs thru Český Krumlov. The first is harder to pass so we recommend to take the boat over. The second one you can drive thru without any problem. There is a chute on the right side for canoes and on the left side is built-up a chute for rafts. By the third weir is again one long chute on the left. The last weir in Český Krumlov is situated right in the centre under the castle. It's a wondeful spectacle. Big fun to pass it in the raft and an adrenaline adventure on the boat. It's possible that you will want to pass it several times. Than you can expect a long journey thru romantic forests. Two kilometres before the end of your voyage is a posibility to refresh with something to drink. In Zlatá Koruna is the last weir of your ride.

Zlatá Koruna – Boršov nad Vltavou

Length: 20 km/5 hours
Weirs: 2

If you look for calm, romantic voyage with a possibility of the visiting the ruin Dívčí Kamen, than is this trace right for you. The beginning is in the monasterial town Zlatá Koruna. You will enjoy 9 calm kilometres of woods and meadows up to the ruin Dívčí Kámen. The reward for 15 minutes of walk will be beautiful view on the landscape along the river. Afterwards you can refresh yourself in the buffet (let's taste our beer). Cca 2,5 km before your destination are both weirs, the first is small and so it's passable but there is near the second one, two metres high and impassable..

Lenora – Soumarský most

Length: 6 km/1,5 hours
Weirs: 0

On this trace flows the river thru the National park Český les. It's possible to pass it only with a canoe but it's navigable almost all the year round. In the spring is this trace more suitable for more experienced watermen because of the melting of snow.

Lenora – Pěkná

Length: 23 km/6 hours
Weirs: 0

Lenora – Soumarský most – vide supra

There is the last posibility to buy something in Soumarský most because than is the river directed at the immaculate nature of the National park Český les. Long voyage without any hectic civilization is the right for lovers of the wonderful nature. After 4 hours comes the destination Pěkná.

Lenora – Nová Pec

Lenght: 30 km/8 hours
Weirs: 0

Lenora – Pěkná – vide supra

The trace from Lenora to Nová Pec is identified especially for lovers of the nature and its beauties. The voyage ends on the beginning of the dam Lipno nad Vltavou, where it's possible to refresh in local snack-bar.

Půjčovna lodí a raftů Titanic


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